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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We’ve Been Nibbled!!!


It was an exciting day for Becky and Nancy!  We realized late yesterday that Stella Leona has been nibbled.  If you are not familiar with The Nibble, it is a gourmet food magazine and web site for people who love to eat and drink the best specialty foods.  It focuses on product reviews of specialty foods and beverages.  Readers include the foodie, food lover, fine food enthusiast, and connoisseur as well as the student who wants to learn about gourmet food.  Reviews are based on editor opinions that these are “the best of the best” products.  To quote them directly, “If we write about it, we would spend our own money on it.”  We consider this review an honor!

Click here to see the review of our one-and-only Birch Cream Caramels and Xocolatl Chocolates.  A review of our Orange-Glazed Pecans can be found here.  Of course you can order any of these items by clicking on the product name above or on our website www.stellaleona.com where you can check out all of our hand made chocolates.  Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and a gift of Stella Leona chocolates has appreciation written all over it!


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