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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sammy Loves Stella Leona Artisan Bars

This is our friend, Sammy. 



Sammy is one of our youngest professional taste testers of potential new products.  He is developing a taste for fine chocolate at an early age and seems to have quite a discerning palate.  We hope this is only the beginning of a lifelong relationship between us!  We will soon be announcing the release date of the brand new Stella Leona Artisan Bars.  Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as Sammy does.  Thanks Sammy!


Thanks to Kent Nafziger Photography for the photos!


  1. The conversation after Sammy's taste test went like this...

    Me - What do you want for dinner?
    Sammy - Chocolate.
    Me - No really, what do you want for dinner?
    Sammy - Chocolate bars.
    Me - C'mon Sammy. Do you want mac n' cheese or pizza?
    Sammy - Chocolate and Chocolate Bars!

    He's definitely hooked!

  2. Yes! Sammy is for sure a Big fan of Stella Leona! He put forth his best 4 year old meltdown when I took a nibble of his favorite Key Lime chooclate piece. How dare I. As delicious as it was, I think I am pretty sure I won't do that again, I will make sure i have enough for me and him! :) As a preschool teacher I definitely believe in the importance of sharing, but Stella Leona chocolates is where Sammy draws the line!!


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