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Friday, November 9, 2012

Sneak Peeks Revealed!

Thank You for making our Open House such a success! We always say we have THE BEST customers! It was fun to see so many of you! If you weren’t able to make it to open house we wanted to be sure that we revealed our sneak peeks for you!

T-shirts are available in the Stella Leona Shop for purchase!

stellaleonaredgrayshirtfront  StellaLeonaGrayBack

stellaleonabrownpinkshirtfront  StellaLeonaBrownBack

We’ve been told our new mugs are the best travel mugs ever! They keep drinks hot for several hours and our customers are loving the spill proof lids!  Buy a mug and save .20 cents each time you get it refilled in the shop!


We offered samples of our new 2012 Limited Edition Starry Night Artisan Ornament and they were a hit! This ornament starts with a hand painted dark chocolate shell filled with a Stella Leona Signature sweet cream layer, luscious honey cinnamon ganache and dark chocolate crunch!


It was fun to see and hear your reactions to this new creation! We are currently taking orders for these ornaments and will not be making extras so be sure to get your orders placed! They make a perfect gift for that special teacher, neighbor or friend!


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