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Monday, October 17, 2011

Customer Spotlight: Jean

Something that makes Stella Leona a special place to be is our customers.  We really have some of the most interesting people frequent our shop, and we thought you might enjoy hearing about them.   This is the first customer spotlight of many which will appear in this blog periodically.

So………….meet Jean!


Jean is like a walking set of encyclopedias to us!  Each time she stops in to see us is like unpacking a new volume because we usually learn something new about her many talents and interests.  Jean grabs a cup of our Red Rambler coffee on her way to work at Sauder Village where she works in the Basket Shop, Anna’s Spinning Shop and in the Tinsmith’s Shop to name just a few. 

Jean is also an avid woodcarver and weaver.  You can see some of her craftsmanship and read more about her on her blog:  Butternut Barn Studio.  You can also see her whimsical woodcarvings in her Carving Gallery and see her weavings in the Weaving Gallery.  She has a wonderful laugh as well, but you’ll have to come to the shop when she’s around to get a glimpse of that!  Thanks Jean for sharing yourself with us!

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