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Monday, September 20, 2010

Get your ribs while they last!

This is our friend Sam McIntosh and his super duper amazing smoker rib cooker wagon.  (He did not ok this wording, but we hope he won’t mind our description.)


The combination of Sam, all the great Pettisville Meats staff and the shiny, incredible BBQ apparatus equals one thing—slobber all over yourself DELICIOUS!

We have tried all summer to pin Sam’s menu and production schedule down so we can share it with you.  But Sam is a creative sort of guy, and when it comes to meat fixin’s, you just can’t pin him down.  All we know is the guy next door to Stella Leona is cooking up some mean ribs and whatever other meats strike his fancy on any particular afternoon. 



Stop by for some lunch take-out or offer to “cook” dinner for the family.  Shoot, you could even eat these for an afternoon snack!  You’ll just have to be a little adventurous ‘cause you never know for sure what will be on the grill, but you can be sure it will include out-of-this-world taste!  The smoker isn’t smokin’ quite every day, so you might want to call Pettisville Meats at 419-445-0921 to make sure it’s a take-out kind of day.

Of course, an even better idea is to pick up a mess of Sam’s ribs, some potato salad or their famous cole slaw and then stop by Stella Leona for some dessert to go with it all.  Taking home dinner AND chocolates could get you some serious points at home!

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